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Stay in shape during COVID-19 lockdown

Nothing has impacted our lives more than COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus. It is an invisible enemy that has suddenly changed life as we know it. All normal systems are now a thing of the past, and we have to live in totally different social settings where our movements are highly controlled- Social distancing, lockdowns, and curfews are now part of our reality. While we stay confined, one thing can happen for people who care to stay in shape- weight gain. Without the ability to jog, run, or go to the gym, weight is becoming a real issue. Not only that, inactivity makes or body grow weak and soft and prone to diseases and aging. What can we do? Blue Cross Online explains how to stay in shape during COVID-19 lockdown. It incorporates food, exercise, and a diet pills program that you can easily follow while staying home and with limited access to things.

What are the Causes of Weight Gain?

At this time, the main reason for weight gain would be that people are not allowed to go out as freely as they used to. These “Stay at Home” and “Work from Home” rules can definitely reduce movement. While before, you had to walk around, drive, or cycle to work, now you are not moving as much. Those who used to run and jog outside can’t do it. Going to the gym is out of the question. Since markets are restricted, getting fresh fruits and vegetables is also difficult. You may end up eating a lot of canned and processed food, and that is no good.

Stress, anxiety, and fear can also be contributing factors. While at stress, people tend to eat much. Not only that, our reptilian brain signals the body to store energy while at stress. It’s an automatic process that happens involuntarily whether we like it or not. And stored energy means fat.

How to Stay in Shape During COVID-19 Lockdown?

We’ll do it in 3 simple steps- Exercises, Food and drink, and diet pills.

Step One (Exercise): Create some movements at home.

Yes, we know that you aren’t allowed to go out or to the gym, but there are several things you can always do at home. They don’t require a lot of space.

jump-rope, yoga, sit ups
Physical exercises
  • Jump rope: It doesn’t require a lot of space and you can do it in your patio or veranda. Start from 250 and try if you can do 500 jumps, especially in the earlier part of the day. Jump rope.
  • Push-Ups: You also do not need a lot of space for that. Do it right after your jump rope while your body is still warm. Try 10-15 push-ups per set and do 3 sets.
  • Sit-Ups: 50 to 100 sit-ups can be done in one single set and you can do 3 sets also. It is amazing for losing belly fats.
  • Yoga and Stretching: Most people have some yoga instructional videos at home. If not, find a YouTube channel. It is so easy. Yoga is more than just physical exercise. It also helps you relive stress. And as I mentioned before, stress can cause you to gain weight. Set aside 1 hour in the late afternoon for a refreshing yoga session.

Step Two (Food and Drinks): Add a Detoxifier

Yes, fresh fruits and vegetables are great for people who want to stay in shape. Yet, at this moment they will be difficult to find. With limited movements and social distancing, you may not be able to get to your favorite grocery store as often. You may also think of going to your grocery once a week and buy a lot at once, but fresh veggies go bad quickly.

People at these times tend to depend on canned foods and processed meats. Those are technically not ideal for losing weight. They may even increase the level of fat and introduce toxins (Preservatives) into your system and weaken your body.

So, what can we do? Well, you can’t totally avoid it but there are several things you can take to detoxify your body so they balance each other out. Let us look at the foods and drinks we can get easily and would last long.

crackers eggs and camomile tea
  • Eggs: Yes, already packed inside nature’s can. Eggs have a really long shelf life. You can keep them for months. And the benefits of eggs are unimaginable. They are good for so many things that I can’t write them in this article. Let’s just say that they are protein-rich, and help reduce weight. Get lots of eggs.
  • Camomile Tea: You can get a lot of it as well. It has a year-long shelf life. This also is an excellent drink with thousands of benefits. It detoxifies so you can go ahead and eat those canned foods. It also has stress relief functions that can help lose weight. Camomile tea will be the second-best choice for those who want to stay in shape during COVID-19 lockdown. Drink at least 2 cups a day.
  • Green Tea: It is an excellent weight loss drink. It also has a long-lasting shelf life. Just for weight loss, green tea is much more effective than camomile tea, but they operate differently. Green tea increases metabolism and burns fat. However, green tea does have caffeine. You cannot drink green tea in the evening. It’ll mess up your sleeping schedule. Camomile tea, on the other hand, doesn’t have caffeine and you can drink it all day long.
  • Whole Grain Plain Cracker: Almost all groceries have them and you can get them a lot too. They have little carbohydrates and are rich in fiber. They can help you lose weight. You can stay in shape during COVID-19 lockdown eating whole-grain crackers.

Step Three (Diet Pills): Add some Phentermine 37.5mg

Phentermine 37.5mg is one of the safest and oldest diet pills. It has been in the market for more than 50 years. Phentermine still dominates 80% of all the slimming pill sales in the market. It is popular because it has very minimal side-effects and it works. Phentermine works by triggering brain chemicals. Here are the three main functions that Phentermine 37.5mg performs in the body.

buy diet pills online
Phentermine 37.5mg
  • Appetite Suppressant: Phentermine suppresses appetite by triggering a neurotransmitter (Brain Chemical) so that you do not feel hungry. If you don’t feel hungry, you don’t eat much. And you lose weight.
  • Energy Booster: Not only does it suppress appetite, but also it gives the body an energy boost. You can work out much harder and longer if you take 1 Phentermine 37.5mg before workout. Energy boost also helps you burn fat and lose weight.
  • Bowel Movement Regulator: Any good diet pill should do what Phentermine does. It makes sure you go every day. Regular bowel movement is essential not only for losing weight but also for regular detoxification for the body. If you are an average adult, you should take 2 Phentermine 37.5mg every day in the earlier parts of the day. Taking Phentermine late can also mess up with your sleeping time because of its energy-boosting function.

Where to get Phentermine?

Unlike all the other things we discussed above, you cannot get Phentermine 37.5mg at a grocery store. However, fear not. You can always buy Phentermine online and have it delivered to your home. People generally prefer to buy diet pills online because they cost a lot less and it’s hassle-free.

Although there are a lot of diet pills online, you should definitely try Phentermine 37.5mg. Others don’t guarantee results. If you are to stay in shape during COVID-19 lockdown situation, Phentermine 37.5mg is one of the best diet pills for you.

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