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Name: Zocor

Dosage: 10mg

Generic Name: Simvastatin

Primary Use: Weight Loss

Secondary Use: Heart Disease, Heart Attack

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What is Zocor

The generic name for Zocor is Simvastatin. Along with proper diet and exercise, doctors usually prescribe Zocor for weight loss. It works by triggering the liver into producing less bad cholesterol. Also, it increases the level of good cholesterol. Primarily used for weight loss, Zocor can also prevent heart attacks, strokes and other heart diseases caused by cholesterol and fat. If you are looking to buy Zocor online, Blue Cross Online Pharmacy is the most reliable online pharmacy for you.

How to Use Zocor

Zocor is an oral medication. Therefore people usually take it by mouth. Your doctor should determine the dosage and frequency by calculating your age, height, and weight. However, on the average patients should take one 40mg tablet in the evening. Do not attempt to take more than what your doctor prescribes. It doesn’t help lose weight faster.

Why Buy Zocor Online

You can find Zocor at regular pharmacies but at a more expensive price. People love to buy Zocor online because it is cost-efficient. Online pharmacies are usually cheaper than the regular pharmacies.

Is It Safe to Buy Zocor Online

Yes, it is. However, you must find a reliable pharmacy to buy from. Most online pharmacies are not that. If you have found a pharmacy like Blue Cross Online Pharmacy, it is safe to buy Zocor online. At Blue Cross Online Pharmacy, we tend to take care of our customers with sincerity. We have a safe and discreet packaging and shipping system. We also maintain a high quality for all our products. Blue Cross Online Pharmacy also offers 100% money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers, which rarely happens.

Side Effects

All medications have some side effects. Therefore, you should always follow your doctor’s advice to avoid any discomfort. The side effects may include:

  • Confusion (Rare)
  • Liver Problem (Rare)
  • Diabetes (Rare)
  • Muscle Pain (Rare)
  • Weakness (Rare)
  • Dark Urine (Rare)


Firstly, let your doctor know all your medical conditions and history in order to be safe. Zocor mainly works with the liver, so if you have any kind of liver condition, let your doctor know everything. Also, your doctor must know if you have any drug or alcohol problems.

Secondly, if you have any heart condition or diabetes problem, your doctor must also know about them.

Most importantly, you have to follow the diet and exercise plans together with Zocor.  You must drink plenty of water and take rest during and after exercise.

Source: https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-6040/zocor-oral/details

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    with proper diet and exercise, this is very effective!!

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    tried this one but I still like Phentermine better

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    faster weight loss because of this med. thanks BC

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    I like it but it gives me but my mouth always feels dry

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    fast delivery and cheap prices.

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